Catching Up and Such

I am sitting on my bed, in a dress, recovering from the day. I spent most of it filling out online job applications (lengthy, scary). I went with Mama and Daddy to have a church directory picture taken...and laughed. A lot. Then we went to game night with the Trendsetters (our church senior adult group). It was hilarious. As usual. I love those people so much.

Anyway, seeing my last post made me realize that I never followed up with Alaska photos. I guess I'll caption them.

bringing back the disposable cameras, one wind at a time. :)

Texans, meet snow.

the lady is sleeping in the background.

where land meets sea.

super windy hike...not the best idea.

you can't tell, but they're freezing, and having to try very hard to stay upright.


an intense game of volleyball.

makeshift swings are the best.

new friends.

we climbed that mountain. aka blueberry hill.

ready to climb.

alaska sunset.


walking sideways up the mountain.

still climbing.

from the top.


never better than this.

we made it!


post-climb sun and such.

friends. this kid was hilarious.

we went looking for moose, but failed.

found this in a store, it made me laugh.


solo denver exploration. airport sub.

made a friend in houston whilst waiting for my plane. we bonded over tangled.
in the houston airport I bought and read Tina Fey's book. don't judge me. it was hilarious.

So, long story short, Alaska was incredible. God is great, and he provided lots of time for us to love on people in Anchorage. Our students are solid, and they did a wonderful job. We had a lot of fun together. We did mission projects every morning, then went to apartment complexes and played on playgrounds with any kids who were home. (Have you ever played kickball in 3 feet of snow? It's challenging.) We saw a lot of Sleeping Lady (I believe the tale, even if it's not true. :) I saw the base of Denali, which began my love of Alaska in the first place. (I cried a little.) We went sledding one day, and I sustained a nasty bruise that I'd show you, but you may vomit, so I'll spare you.

A flight was cancelled on our way, so we left on Monday, instead of Saturday. Then on the way home, I stayed a night in Denver so a man could get on our flight to Houston. At that point I had been awake for over 24 hours, so I got to my hotel and crashed. After a few hour nap, I took a cab for Moroccan food, which turned out to be a huge disappointment. (The internet lies, people.) I guess I need to go back to Morocco soon! I then walked two miles to Target, and then waited an hour for a cab back to my hotel, and was hit on by the cab driver. It was a fun experience. The next day began at 5 AM, getting to the airport, flying to Houston, and staying there all day.

I guess that wasn't so short after all! It was great, and I'd love to return soon.


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