02 July 2013

Catching Up and Such

I am sitting on my bed, in a dress, recovering from the day. I spent most of it filling out online job applications (lengthy, scary). I went with Mama and Daddy to have a church directory picture taken...and laughed. A lot. Then we went to game night with the Trendsetters (our church senior adult group). It was hilarious. As usual. I love those people so much.

Anyway, seeing my last post made me realize that I never followed up with Alaska photos. I guess I'll caption them.

bringing back the disposable cameras, one wind at a time. :)

Texans, meet snow.

the lady is sleeping in the background.

where land meets sea.

super windy hike...not the best idea.

you can't tell, but they're freezing, and having to try very hard to stay upright.


an intense game of volleyball.

makeshift swings are the best.

new friends.

we climbed that mountain. aka blueberry hill.

ready to climb.

alaska sunset.


walking sideways up the mountain.

still climbing.

from the top.


never better than this.

we made it!


post-climb sun and such.

friends. this kid was hilarious.

we went looking for moose, but failed.

found this in a store, it made me laugh.


solo denver exploration. airport sub.

made a friend in houston whilst waiting for my plane. we bonded over tangled.
in the houston airport I bought and read Tina Fey's book. don't judge me. it was hilarious.

So, long story short, Alaska was incredible. God is great, and he provided lots of time for us to love on people in Anchorage. Our students are solid, and they did a wonderful job. We had a lot of fun together. We did mission projects every morning, then went to apartment complexes and played on playgrounds with any kids who were home. (Have you ever played kickball in 3 feet of snow? It's challenging.) We saw a lot of Sleeping Lady (I believe the tale, even if it's not true. :) I saw the base of Denali, which began my love of Alaska in the first place. (I cried a little.) We went sledding one day, and I sustained a nasty bruise that I'd show you, but you may vomit, so I'll spare you.

A flight was cancelled on our way, so we left on Monday, instead of Saturday. Then on the way home, I stayed a night in Denver so a man could get on our flight to Houston. At that point I had been awake for over 24 hours, so I got to my hotel and crashed. After a few hour nap, I took a cab for Moroccan food, which turned out to be a huge disappointment. (The internet lies, people.) I guess I need to go back to Morocco soon! I then walked two miles to Target, and then waited an hour for a cab back to my hotel, and was hit on by the cab driver. It was a fun experience. The next day began at 5 AM, getting to the airport, flying to Houston, and staying there all day.

I guess that wasn't so short after all! It was great, and I'd love to return soon.

13 March 2013


Took this gem in the bathroom as proof I was there. (Going against all my beliefs about bathroom pics. Woof.)

Now on to Alaska!

20 February 2013


Today, in an attempt to discover what I do after work every day, a student began 20-questioning me. Said student knows I like to read, and asked if that's all I do. I told him that I do normal things after work, and that it's not the same every day. That made his brain kick into critical thinking mode. His conclusion? "You work for the government, don't you?"

This was my favorite question, because I've recently begun watching the television series 'Chuck' on DVD. So I simply said "Yes. I'm in the CIA." Thankfully, after pondering that response for a good minute, he got a questioning look in his eyes. I then told him that I obviously don't work for the CIA, because I wouldn't have been able to tell him that.

This incident is equatable to the unusual amount of owls I saw whilst reading the Harry Potter series. Love it.

22 September 2012

Recent Happenings

It's been a while, blog! Things have been so busy over the past four weeks, and I've had no time to update my large following of people here. (laughable, yes.)

So here's what's gone on in life since August 8th:

-Went on family vacation to Mexico. The whole family has been out of the country before, but never together. It was fun doing customs and passport control together, but oh-so-sad to return to my beloved D terminal at DFW with no one waiting for me on the other side of the sliding doors! All that said, it was a wonderful, much needed trip for all of us. We had a great, hot, sunburnt time!

-The day after we returned, we loaded all McKenzie's things up and took her to college! Baby sister is in COLLEGE, y'all. What?! I also got sick that weekend, and wasn't much help with move in. I felt more miserable than I have in years. Yuck.

-The day after we returned from Shawnee, Mama and I started work. She's been a first grade teacher for years, and loves it. She's great at it, too. I got a job at the local high school, and I LOVE it! (other than being sick for the past two weeks...so many germs!) Some friends of ours moved to town to teach and coach, and one is the head volleyball coach. So I have been helping out at the home games. I can now officially (though not perfectly, of course) keep books for volleyball, basketball, softball, and baseball. Yep.

-I found out that our youth are taking a mission trip to Alaska over spring break. So, I'm going! I've been in love with Alaska ever since seeing/reading "Into the Wild," and I'm excited to see the work going on there. Our kids are quality, and I can't wait to see how the Lord works in and through them over the next six months in preparation for the trip, as well as when we are there. Love them.

-Lindsey and I went to Boerne over labor day weekend to see Uncle Ja, Aunt Angie, Madison, and Annie Grace. We always have so much fun with them, and miss them so much as soon as we leave. We went to a parade, shopped La Cantera, watched Robert Redford in "The Great Gatsby," and played Michael Jackson Just Dance. We laughed so much, too. It was an incredible weekend. Love them so much!

-Over the past week and a half, I read Francine Rivers' "Mark of the Lion" series. Oh. My. Goodness. I could not put them down. They were beyond wonderful. The Lord showed me so much through them, and convicted me as well.

-I'm currently obsessed with Bethany Dillon's latest EP. Coupled with the timing of the Francine Rivers books, the Lord has been speaking to me a lot. His timing is perfect.

-I'm on my way to a family reunion, and baby sister came to town for the occasion! (or to see Joe tonight. Or for my birthday. Maybe all of the above? ;) Excitement!

-Tonight the sisters Brown are going to the Prophet Bar to see our friend Joe Moralez play. We're fans. Proud, excited fans.

So that's the run down! Life is good, God is better.

07 August 2012

I'm Not a Mom!

I recently bought a magazine subscription from a little kid in our church, who was selling them as a school fundraiser. (It was early in the calendar year.)

I got a subscription to Budget Travel, because A) I LOVE to travel, and B) I'm a broke college student. I've gotten a few issues already, and I love it! It's so fun to dream of new trips, and read about different things. I don't regret the decision to purchase this subscription, it's so great.

Now, about two months ago, I randomly got a "Parents" magazine in the mail.


That's what I thought when I got it. I also thought, "OMG, I'm glad I checked the mail! I'm glad my parents or sisters didn't see this and think there was something I needed to tell them!" I was slightly annoyed and worried about it, but then life went on. However, a few weeks later, I got another issue. This one had a letter inside, explaining that, since I had recently subscribed to another (unnamed, but I figured it out) magazine, I would now get "Parents" for free.

What? What's the logic there? Are parents the target market for Budget Travel? Do they not think that young, single, childless, recent college graduates would be interested in their magazine? And why do they feel the need to send me a constant reminder that I am single and childless? It's seriously confusing.

I tweeted about it today when I received my third issue, and my cousin told me that she not only received issues of "Parents" magazine, but a container of baby formula!

So my thoughts are these:
  • these are GREAT marketing strategies, for people who actually have kids!
  • i hope someone sends me a free can of formula when i have a kid!
  • I'm glad my best friend teaches parenting classes at the high school level, so these magazines don't go completely to waste.
  • please send your parenting magazine to someone who could benefit from it! i am not currently that person!
Overall, it's kind of funny. But I hope you can see my points here.